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My Story

AAF 22.9-25.9 NYC

I was born in Israel. My father was born in Belgium and my mother in Denmark. I went to the Artists House during my childhood. I am married and a mother of three. All These years we have been living in Nofit, a small village in the north of Israel.  I have a BA in computer science.

Most of my landscape paintings are from my Residential area and from north Italy. I use various techniques but mostly oil on canvas.  I have decided several years ago that I will not try reach the reality, I am trying to put the colors and shapes as I view them, sometimes the place is the exactly the same spot but the art works are so different. The landscape I observe changes I keep in my memory and spell it out like an archive story. It is like a magnet that keeps me on this endless trail.


My art courses were in Civita Castellena, the Hirschberg JSS Art School in Italy with Sigal Tsabari and have been attending Aram Gershoni’s master class in Tel Aviv for 2 years.   My web site can show that it is indeed an ongoing process during the last year I have a printed catalog of selected art work.


Lately I was accepted to be a member of the Circle foundation of the Arts.  I have also received a membership in the Gold list Top contemporary Artists of today by the Art Market Magazine.

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