My Story

My Story


I was born to Gerda & Izhak Kidron ​who ​came to Israel from Europe​.
My father was born in Belgium ​and ​ my mother in Denmark, and this true​ love story created me and my two brothers, Assaf & Joram.

I grew up in Haifa in the Romema neighborhood, I went to the Artists House in Haifa once a week with a big bag which I still have  today.

I was accepted to the art department at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. Eventually I went on to study at the Computer Science faculty at the Technion in Haifa.

As my best friend told me later, you got a profession and a hobby at the same time.

Avi and I married in 1983 and we have 3 wonderful masterpieces: first Or, second Elad &  third  Roni. All these years we have been living in Nofit , a small village in the north of Israel.

Most of my landscape paintings are from my home.

My painting courses were with Marlen Ferrer & Rafi Shnier in Kiriat Tivon, Sigal Tsabari in Jerusalem and in Civita Castellena , the Hirschberg JSS Art school in Italy.

For the last 2 years I have been attending Aram Gershoni’s master class in Tel Aviv.


This site is for anyone who enjoys observations, It is indeed an ongoing process, I hope you will get the feeling I did when painting these landscapes.

You are welcome to send me an email with your reflections.

Feel free to contact me!

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