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DŌ - Group exhibition in Bellano, Italy. Curator: Marcello Cazzaniga 07-22 of September














ALETHEIA - Group exhibition in Varenna, Italy. Curator: Marcello Cazzaniga

"Organizing an art exhibition in 2019 inevitably presents an important question: what is art for today?

What can today be the function of an oil painting or a bronze sculpture in a society in which virtuality and hasty consumption of images have assumed an important yet ephemeral role.

It's a comparison between slowness and speed that brings to mind the epic battle between the hare and the turtle or in our case between a selfie and a painting, between lie and truth.

An artwork takes time: time to think about it and processing it and finally drive the communication in the most effective way. The selfie is immediate modified, it will focus more on the appearance of the moment.

A clash between Truth and Lie. Art often represents a truth (subjective and inner truth) while selfie or social media photos often depict a lie (are we always smiling and in a moment from a thumbs-up?).

This truth is the pivot around which revolves this contemporary art exhibition entitled Aletheia.

Word that derives from the Greek and that literally means "hatching", "unveiling", "revelation" and, in general, it means revealing something hidden.

This concept had already been matched by Heidegger to art, in describing and enhancing the value of the work of art as a way of opening to a deeper understanding of the "appearance of worldly things”.

This is perhaps one of the most important valences of art today, not so much to show us the world or tell stories, but to open a door to a dimension that goes beyond the sensitive reality, which can offer us a moment to think and connect through images to a part of our subconscious, or activate a memory or awaken a feeling we had forgotten.

In mythology Aletheia was also a daughter of the God Zeus and although it was later identified in the goddess Veritas in ancient Rome the meaning that it had for the Greeks was slightly different: to unveil allowing the observer to elaborate his own personal meaning of what we commonly define reality .

Aletheia helps us to develop our own critical sense, to develop discernment and a more careful eye towards the events that revolve around us.

Art breaks the chains that keep us imprisoned in the so-called "Plato's Cave", a metaphor of the contemporary world governed by the mass media and by a often distorted or pre-packaged reality.

Art leads us to have a less simplistic vision of the world, of the facts, of people and their behavior, art is the sun that warms our hearts, it is what illuminates everything and reveals a reality much more multifaceted. Like a sun, art dazzles us with its search for beauty, a beauty that is never without a deeper meaning.

Curator Marcello Cazzaniga with Dita Jacobovitz

The exhibition will be a moment of growth for those who want to open their heart and mind and get out of the cave and warm up in the light of art. Discovering Aletheia discovering your own visions, also those of the artists and giving them a deep and unique meaning, or simply enriching ourselves."

- Marcello Cazzaniga, Curator

Beit Gabriel 20.1.19-27.2.19

Jerusalem Theatre ,27.9.17-7.11.17


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